Jet Powered

Scarab jet powered boats provide you with unique advantages not offered with other propulsion systems. You’ll experience exciting “hole shots”, quick planing and performance that only a Rotax® jet propulsion engine delivers. A few key advantages you’ll enjoy from your Rotax® powered Scarab boat:

  • Shallow draft, allowing you to navigate your favorite waterway with ease.
  • Shaft guard eliminates risk of weed and rope entanglement making your day on the water hassle-free. No need for a clean-out port.
  • Lateral thrust control delivers quick reverse response and unequaled low-speed maneuverability.
  • The Rotax® closed-loop cooling system keeps external water and dirt out of your engine providing years of trouble free service.

Precision Control

Rotax’s® award- winning iST (Intelligent Shift and Throttle) technology brings you the ease and confidence of electronic shifting and throttle control to your boating experience. Rotax’s® new iST technology overcomes the characteristic low-speed maneuverability compromise that jet propelled boats traditionally have by eliminating mechanical shift and throttle controls. iST technology allows you to cruise, tow and dock your Scarab boat with the utmost confidence and authority – you are in full control in any boating condition. You’ll appreciate effortless shifting from neutral to forward to reverse, along with the ability to adjust your Scarab’s neutral position “on the fly”. Combined with Rotax’s® Lateral Thrust Control you will be in confidence-inspiring control of your Scarab boat at all times.

2016 Scarab Jet Boat Lineup

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Scarab 165

From £19,999

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Scarab 195

From £38,991

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Scarab 215

From £52,983

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Scarab 255

From £70,424

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