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158 Black Edition

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158 Black Edition

Product Code: 158 Black

“Black is Back!!” Sexier, Lighter, Faster and more luxurious than ever!! PRICE STARTS FROM £25,000.00 Call for options and specs

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James Bushell (JET SKI WORLD CHAMPION) and the 158 Performance team have a new run of the BLACK EDITION.

The Black Edition is guaranteed to have yacht owners and individuals duelling over its lightweight full carbon fibre design – the fastest hand-built race proven designed personal watercraft to hit the water.

The craft starts life as a Standard Sea-doo RXP-X 300 – then like a snake shedding its skin, we do away with the old standard body (hull) and replace it with the highest quality F1 Carbon Fibre. This HUGE modification alone lowers the weight of the craft by a mind-blowing 100kg (approx.)

This brings the ski to a combined new total weight of only 280kg from the standard 386kg (Usually when a lightweight Jet Ski is required the market is limited and power is compromised, not with the NEW Black Edition – just the power to weight ratio alone makes a massive difference, then combine this with James expertise, engine knowledge and vast world winning experience and you have a Jet Ski like no other commercially available.

The Engine of the Black Edition is based on the standard Rotax 1630cc supplied with the RXP-X. James tweaks this platform to a new level, boosting its power and performance by upgrading the engine management, cooling system, air intake, prop and exhaust.

“The Black Edition’s acceleration is awesome”
James Bushell

0-60 in under 3 seconds – that’s faster than a Ferrari 458 and with the handling modifications you can carve turns at will. 

The unique handling comes from James Knowledge and race proven expertise, James uses only the very best parts when hand building these machines – a billet steering system is installed with precision, lowering the sense of gravity and giving you the ride of your life.

Exclusive 158 developed Sponsons are made especially for the Black Edition, these give exceptional grip into the corners.

The Black Edition is supplied with two seats, a standard recreational 3up grip seat to impress your friends and family plus a race proven single pilot carbon fibre seat enabling you to push this craft to its limits.