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Jetski Lake



Designed to give you an experience you will never forget and give you the sensation that is described as aquatic flight.

  • After we have given you training, you lock on the water jet boots and turn the power on.
  • This pumps water up the tube, out of the boots, making the board rise above the water.
  • You will then hover in the air and once you have got your balance, the flyboard will go higher, creating an incredible feeling of flight.
  • You can pactice your board control, turns and then experience the full exhilarating Flyboard sensation.
  • You will get wet but you won’t stop smiling.
Become a superhero in a few minutes with a Flyboard.
  • To take part in a flyboard experience you must be aged over 16, weigh less than 165kgs and have size 6-12 feet.
  • You must not wear spectacles, be pregnant, afraid of water or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • This experience takes places in all weathers.

Wetsuit, lifejacket, and helmet will be provided, and MUST be worn.

Our insurance dictates that a simple exam must be taken prior to being allowed to fly.