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Rancher front bumper

Product Code: 715003461

Rancher front bumper made tough and designed to deliver a rugged appearance.

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  • The heavy-duty bumper designed to pull double duty: protect your ATV and anything it comes in contact with, while also enhancing the look of your ATV.
  • Made tough and designed to deliver a rugged appearance, this bumper offers front protection for farmer, rancher and forestry applications.
  • The low front end protection and plates allow you to use your ATV within cattle herds and guard the safety of both the vehicle and the animals.
  • The flat front portion facilitates gently prodding cattle or pushing light objects, e.g. closing afence.
  • The full frontage coverage extends to provide an extra layer of defense to your headlights and radiator.
  • Inside and outside anti-corrosion coating with durable powder coat finish.
  • Not compatible with track systems, plows and front hitch.
Fits: G2, G2L (Not compliant with T-category vehicles)