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SEA-DOO SPARK 2 UP 90hp iBR || 2023

Product Code: 00064PC00
was£9,003.00   now£8,123.00

The SPARK 2UP 90hp delivers endless excitement on the water. With nimble, playful handling and a highly-efficient Rotax 900 ACE engine with plenty of zip, it’s the most affordable way to add buckets of fun to your summer. Faster-accelerating Rotax 900 ACE - 90 hp uses just 2.4 gallons (9 L) per hour*. Both are compact, lightweight and deliver immediate acceleration.

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Lightweight, compact, easy to tow The light, compact design of a Spark makes it a blast on the water. It's also what makes them effortless to tow with almost any vehicle and easy to store by requiring much less space than a full-size boat.

Sea-Doo Spark 2UP 90hp  iBR watercraft


  • Lightweight and playful platform
  • Able to tow with most mid-size cars
  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Larger rear platform with LinQ attachment points

Options & Accessories:

  • iBR - Intelligent Brake & Reverse
  • BRP Audio - portable system (opt. w/ 3up only)
  • Front storage bin kit
  • Boarding step
  • RF D.E.S.S.TM key*c